New Materials

New materials are added to the collection at least once a month. We process the books as they come to us. Because of COVID restrictions books are not coming to us as fast as they have in the past. Please be patient. Thanks.

New Materials Added – Click the red link to access new titles added to our collection.

Covid-19 Updates

The Adams Free Library is opened to the public. Please be advised that if you are vaccinated you have the option of wearing a mask, if you are unvaccinated please wear a mask and practice social distancing. For those who don’t want to come into the library there is the option of using Hallway pick-up. Use the hand sanitizer that is located at the library entrance.

General Announcements

Please bear with us as things are added and tweaked on this new website to make it user friendly and add the things that you were used to on the old site. If you are having any issues please let us know and we can work to fix it. Not everything has been added on here yet and we do know that and working to make things available again.