The following are rules and regulations of the Adams Free Library:

I. Who May Use the Library

The library will serve all patrons/residents of the community. Service will not be denied because pf religion, racial, social, economic or political status; or because of mental, emotional or physical condition; age; or sexual orientation. The library makes every effort to be fully A.D.A compliant. These rules and regulations are intended for all adults, unattended children and children accompanied by a parent/caretaker.

Public behavior rules are intended to protect the rights and safety and enjoyment of library users, protect the rights and safety of staff members and preserve and protect the library’s materials, facilities and property.

II. Patron Responsibilities and Conduct

Patrons are expected to use common sense and manners when in the library. If a patron creates a public nuisance, that patron may be restricted from the library and from the use of the library facilities at the discretion of the Library Director. Those who are unwilling to leave or do not leave within a reasonable amount of time. after being instructed to do so by staff, will be reported to law enforcement officers immediately.

The use of the library may be denied for due cause, such as

  • Misuse of public restrooms… using for personal grooming/washing, being destructive, etc.
  • using the library for napping/sleeping
  • Bringing in weapons or instruments/devices that may be used as a weapon
  • destruction of library property
  • disturbance of staff and/or other patrons due to objectional language, odor, behavior or attire
  • illegal, disruptive or objectionable conduct on library premises including alcohol or drug use, sexually inappropriate behavior or violent behavior.
  • Smoking or use of tobacco products
  • no animals, except service animals are allowed in the library unless there has been prior approval by the library director
  • failure to return library materials or pay penalties
  • violation of any of the Adams Free Library policies

It is the charge of the library staff to see that the rights of individuals to use the library are upheld. The staff is obligated to enforce these guidelines to the fullest by all patrons. Questions regarding the interpretation of guidelines should be referred to the the library director.

III. Children

A. The Adams Free Library encourages visits by children and it is our desire to make this important visit both memorable and enjoyable for the child. Library staff is not expected to assume responsibility for the care of unsupervised children in the library. Therefore it is library policy that children must be accompanied by a parent or designated guardian while in the library. Also, if the child is attending a library program we require the parent/responsible person to remain in the library throughout the program unless the program coordinator grants special permission.

B. The library staff is not responsible for supervising children left alone when the library normally closes or if there is an emergency closing, but will make attempts to reach a parent or caregiver for immediate pick-up. If a parent cannot be reached within 10 minutes of the closing of the library, the police department will be called to pick up the child. Under no circumstances will a library staff member drive a child home.

C. Children of all ages are encouraged to use the library for homework, recreational reading and program attendance. The library staff realizes that the library will noisier at busy times and that children by nature can cause more commotion. However, children (whether with parents or not) who are being continually disruptive will be given a warning that he/she must settle down or will be asked to leave the library. If after a second warning the child continues to be disruptive, he/she will be asked to leave the library. If the child needs to contact a parent, they may do so and then wait with a staff person until a parent arrives.

D. School age children are not allowed in the library during school hours unless they are home schooled and with a parent/guardian.

June 2008

Revised 5/21/2015