The following are the rules and regulations of the Adams Free Library. This policy is in effect as of February 18, 2016 as adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Adams Free Library.

I. Emergency closings of the Adams Free Library may be made at the discretion of the Library Director . The Library Director will notify the President or Vice President of the Board of Trustees as soon as possible.

Emergency closings may include but are not limited to:

A. Severe weather – no unnecessary travel

B. Natural disasters

C. Power outages – weather related or planned

D. South Jefferson Central School closings due to inclement weather

II. Scheduled closings of the library will be noted in the Jefferson County Journal.

Schedule closings may include but are not limited to”

A. library holidays

B. Maintenance (cleaning, improvements)

In the event of any scheduled closing the Library Director will post the closing at the library, on the library door and on the outside hall window areas stating the reason for the closing.

Adopted March 2008

Revised 2-18-16