Material Acquisitions

The library director has the responsibility for the selection and maintenance of the library’s entire collection, juvenile to adult materials. Materials are selected and retained based on their content and overall value. On occasion certain materials will be in high demand. Materials are meant to reflect a variety of opinions, stimulate understanding and growth, increase knowledge and participation in affairs of the community, state, nation and world. The collection will not represent any doctrine of point of view. Factors in selection may include cost, perceived long term value, accuracy of the author and multiple review sources. Staff and patrons are encouraged to give suggestions.

Specific to juvenile materials:

Meet the developmental needs of youth at different stages

Age and interest appropriate content

Quality, critically acclaimed materials with multiple reviews

Donated Materials

Donated materials are subject to the same considerations in deciding whether they will be shelved. The library has the right to sell or discard the donated materials that do not get added for whatever reason. Only materials that replace old or falling apart items or enhance the current collection will be added.


The requirements of space and good library practice dictate that the collection be regularly examined for materials that should be removed or replaced. This may include materials that are damaged beyond repair, include outdated or obsolete information or no longer used. Items withdrawn from the collection will be disposed of by recycling using the blue bins provided by the North Country Library System or sold in a book sale at the discretion of the library director or Board of Trustees.

Approved and Adopted August 16, 2018