Library Directors- Take a look at the list of the people who ran our library over the years. This page is located under the About Us section and hover over the first item. Hard to believe our current director is the 12th one!

Timeline of Events

April 12, 1831 until ~1846 – First library started and lasted about 15 years when annual dues for members remained unpaid and the property passed to private parties. About 600 books were accumulated during this time.

Trustees were Cyrus Eddy, William Chittenden, Walter Webb, Forester Dexter and Wells Benton. Wells Benton was appointed the Librarian.

June 1900 – Library as it is now, the second attempt, by the Ladies Study Club – 157 volumes for permanent library

June 25, 1900 – Provisional (Temporary) Charter granted.

Trustees were Frances Webster, Alice G. Hunt, Ruth M. Waite, Frances L. Gaylord, Ella H. Manville.

July 1900 – Rooms rented in the Dwight Block. (Across the street from where the library is now. Building has been demolished and a small park now sits on the spot).

October 1900 – Adams Free Library is opened to the public. Incorporated with 5 trustees

During the first year of operation 818 books were donated by other community members.

December 4, 1902 – Permanent charter granted.

Trustees were Josephine M. Saunders, Lydia T. Fish, Alice G. Hunt, Ruth M. Waite, and Frances L. Gaylord

1919 – 1965 – The community provided rooms for the library in the Municipal Building (Old National Hotel).

1965 – Temporarily in Emma Hitchcock’s store in the Cleveland Block while the Municipal Building was torn down to make way for a new building.

1966 – Library moved to the newly built Municipal Building on the corner of Church and Main Street (same spot as the Old National Hotel)