2019 – 2023

Mission Statement

The mission of the Adams Free Library is to provide a comfortable environment for patrons and the community in which they can receive educational, informational and recreational services as well as gain lifelong habits of learning, self-improvement and self-expression.

Goals and Activities

Goal 1: Keep up to date with Sirsi/Workflows system


  1. Work with NCLS as needed
  2. Continuously weed as necessary

2. Goal 2. Provide a diverse, relevant collection for the community to enjoy as well as for educational purposes.


  1. Purchase more new popular bestsellers.
  2. Purchase newer popular DVDs.
  3. Purchase updated non-fiction materials as needed.
  4. Purchase popular magazine subscriptions.

Goal 3: Encourage training for the library staff


  1. Pay staff to attend trainings, workshops and meetings.
  2. Provide mileage reimbursements at the current rate.
  3. Familiarize staff with NCLS consultants, IT staff and other personnel.

Goal 4: Provide programs for the community to enjoy in a safe and welcoming environment.


  1. offer a weekly preschool story hour program.
  2. Participate in the statewide summer reading program
  3. Coordinate with other community events offered to highlight the library.
  4. Plan other programs as the director sees fit or as needed.

Goal 5: Make the library a Community Center


  1. Offer and publicize programming.
  2. Offer space for tutoring.
  3. Have and be familiar with local school reading lists. Promote and make available as many books as possible from the reading lists.
  4. Provide online children’s resources as well as popular children’s games.
  5. Make the children’s area easily accessible, comfortable, bright and kid friendly.
  6. Makerspace – STEM, STEAM
  7. Offer volunteer/community service opportunities for teens/young adults.

Goal 6: Provide Community Outreach


  1. Promote and continuously update website.
  2. Use Social Media
  3. Attend trainings, workshops and meetings pertaining to this issue.
  4. Compile patron and community wants and needs.

Goal 7: Support the technological needs of the community.


  1. Replace computers and hardware as needed.
  2. Do weekly computer updates.
  3. Install new software as needed.
  4. Allow use of the copier and fax machine.

Goal 8: Establish and Maintain Community Partnerships


  1. Touch base with local organizations, businesses, school district and government to see how we can help each other.