The following are the rules and regulations of the Adams Free Library. This policy is in effect February 17, 2011 as adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Adams Free Library.

I. At time of closing all patrons must exit the library as well as the surrounding building grounds and the doors are to be locked to prevent re-entry. There is no loitering in the lobby areas or other parts of the building permitted unless accompanied by police officers.

II. Per Mayor of Adams Village Office there is an assigned individual that checks the building each night.

III. It is the library policy that staff do not confront a patron who is refusing to leave or suspected of hiding in the building. Staff are hereby directed to contact the law enforcement authorities after leaving the building to assure staff safety. The following numbers may be used to reach either state police or county sheriff officers:

A. SP (315)232-2022/(315)782-2112

B. JCS(315)788-1414